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Fraud: Wire Fraud

Miami Wire Fraud Criminal Lawyers

The federal wire fraud and mail fraud statutes were created to criminalize schemes to defraud that involve the use of wire communications or the mail. The wire fraud statutes are used in federal court to prosecute defendants accused of committing white collar and financial crimes. The penalties for committing wire fraud statues were greatly enhanced when the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed in 2002. The maximum sentence under federal law jumped from 5 to 20 years. Defendants now face increased sentences for violations of the wire fraud statute when committing white collar criminal offenses.

The wire fraud and mail fraud federal statutes are quite similar. Both statutes prohibit schemes to defraud with the intent to take money or property by means of fraudulent or false pretenses, representations or promises. The main difference is the medium by which the fraud was committed. The wire fraud statute requires that the fraud be committed through wire transmissions which include wire, radio or television communications. Like mail fraud, an interstate communication is required to prosecute someone for this offense. Under the wire fraud statute, the prosecution must prove that a defendant had the intent to defraud, deceive or cheat the victim. The prosecutor will attempt to prove the requisite element of intent through circumstantial evidence based on the defendant's actions.

Wire fraud charges arise when an individual engages in a scheme to defraud to obtain financial resources through interstate wires (i.e., telephones, e-mails, FAX transmissions, wire transfers, internet, television or radio). The U.S. Attorney's Office prosecutes wire fraud cases on the federal level. Prosecutor's charge wire fraud in addition to the underlying crimes. By charging wire fraud in addition to the underlying crimes, the prosecution is able to increase the potential sentence an individual faces under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Examples of cases prosecuted under the wire fraud statute include the following: Each Miami criminal lawyer at DMT has years of experience in representing clients charged with wire fraud. If you are under investigation by the federal authorities or you or someone you know has been arrested for wire fraud in Florida, it is imperative that you immediately seek the assistance of a wire fraud defense lawyer to represent your interests.

The wire fraud statute provides the federal government with yet another tool to prosecute cases. If an individual is convicted of mail fraud, an individual can be sentenced up to 20 years and a $1 million dollar fine. If the case of wire fraud was committed against a financial institution, the potential sentence can be increased to 30 years. Wire fraud cases are highly complex and are prosecuted by the most experienced federal government attorneys. Due to the complexity of the cases and potential sentences that attach, it is essential that you a Miami criminal attorney at DMT who has years of experience in defending wire fraud cases.

If you are under investigation for, or have been arrested and charged with wire fraud, contact the criminal defense lawyers at DMT. An experienced criminal attorney is available every day of the year, 24 hours a day to speak with you regarding your situation. You can call our office at (305) 340-2197 or reach us by completing the form on our contact page or by sending an e-mail.