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Fraud: Miami Credit Card Fraud Lawyers


Credit card fraud is a broad term which refers to crime of using a credit card as a fraudulent source of funds to complete a financial transaction. Credit card fraud takes many forms. The buying and selling of stolen credit cards or account information is the most common form of credit card fraud. Counterfeiting credit cards with stolen account numbers used to purchase goods and services is another form of fraud.

Credit card fraud can be charged both in federal and state court. In federal court, an indictment that alleges credit card fraud typically also alleges the crime of identity theft.

In Florida, Florida Statutes §§ 817.57-817.685, Credit Card Crimes sets forth the elements and potential penalties for committing credit card fraud. Most of the offenses set forth in the statutes are misdemeanors, but other Florida statutes allow for prosecution of credit card fraud cases. Due to the increased number of credit card offenses, Florida laws have been enacted and penalties increased to curtail the rampant problem.

Other crimes that can be charged together with credit card fraud, including:
  • Theft
  • Trafficking in stolen credit cards
  • Identity theft
  • Obtaining goods by use of a false or expired credit card
In state court, credit card fraud penalties may include probation, county jail or state prison time. If you are being investigated or arrested for credit card fraud, it is important to contact the criminal defense law firm of Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A. (DMT) who has the knowledge and experience to effectively defend credit card fraud cases. Credit Card Theft As a Federal Crime Large scale credit card cases are investigated by the federal authorities such as the Secret Service and the FBI. The feds usually investigate and prosecute credit card cases where the losses exceed $50,000 and there are multiple victims. Depending on the statute violation alleged in the indictment, a defendant charged with credit card fraud faces up to 20 years in a federal prison. Additional time can be tacked on concurrently if a person is also charged with aggravated identity theft.

At DMT, our Miami criminal lawyers have represented dozens of individuals charged with various types of credit card fraud. We have the experience to represent clients charged is in state or federal court. Our criminal defense attorneys have actual experience representing individuals arrested for falsely applying for credit cards, presenting fake credit cards with valid account numbers, stealing employers' credit cards, or transcribing security codes and transferring them to fake cards with magnetic strips.
Causes of Credit Card Fraud Charges There are several different ways an individual can be charged with credit card fraud.
  • Fraudulent Credit Card Applications – When a person commits this type of credit card fraud, filling out the application using another person's name, date of birth, address and social security number, he or she is also usually charged with the crime of identity theft.
  • Credit Account Holder Fraud – This type of credit fraud is committed when an individual calls a bank or other lending institution and pretends to be the true cardholder and has money transferred into his or her account. Additionally, individuals have contacted banks and reported the true cardholder's credit card stolen simply to have a replacement card sent to their address.
  • Skimming – "Skimming" occurs when a person uses his or her credit card at a restaurant or business and an individual steals the coding from the magnetic strip and three of four number security codes.
If you or family member or loved one is accused of any of the aforementioned types of credit card fraud, contact a Miami criminal lawyer at DMT to defend the case.
Consult a Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami To speak with a skilled Miami or South Florida criminal lawyer at DMT about your Miami credit card fraud case, or if you have questions regarding credit card fraud you may have been arrested for, please contact DMT to schedule your free consultation. You can call our office at (305) 340-2197 or reach us by completing a free case evaluation form.