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Drug Crimes: Florida Charges for Drug Sale or Possession With Intent to Sell

Defense for Drug or Narcotics Sales from Experienced Miami Drug Attorneys An individual charged with sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances or possession with intent to sell illegal drugs or controlled substances in Miami faces far more severe penalties than individuals charged with simple possession of an illegal drug or a controlled substance.

The criminal law firm of Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A. has successfully represented hundreds of individuals charged with sale of or intent to sell illegal drugs, for example, sale of cocaine, sale of marijuana or sale of oxycodone.

In Miami and the State of Florida selling illegal drugs or controlled substances is always a felony, whether it be cocaine or marijuana. If you or family member has been arrested for selling drugs, immediately contact the drug defense lawyers at DMT to defend your case. Our law firm uses 50 combined years of experience to defend all drug sale cases. Despite the severity of the charges, clients that hire the Miami criminal lawyers at DMT are effective in preventing jail time on sale cases.
Drug Sales To effectively prove that a person is guilty of selling an illegal drug, prosecution will need to prove that this took place beyond a reasonable doubt. In a typical drug sale case, it is usually proven by any of the following individuals:
  • Witnesses
  • Confidential informants
  • Undercover officers
Law enforcement officers who conduct surveillance in high-crime areas The Miami criminal attorneys at DMT has successfully represented dozens of clients charged with sale cases, such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana or oxycodone sales.

Penalties for the sale of an illegal controlled substance is much more serious than mere possession cases because of the nature of the sell. Additionally, penalties for the offense will increase under certain circumstances, including close proximity to any of the following:
  • University
  • Public housing facility
  • Public park
  • Religious service building
POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO SELL In general, possession with intent to sell drugs or illegal substance cases carry the same penalties as the sale cases. However, in intent to sell cases, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual possessed cocaine or marijuana with the intent to sell. Intent to sell can be brought against an individual based upon the quantity of narcotics, packaging of the narcotics (small plastic bags or baggies) or possession of drug distribution tools such as scales or cutting materials, or possession of large sums of U.S. currency. A good rule of thumb is if a person is caught with less than seven individual packages, the prosecutor will usually only charge possession as opposed to possession with intent. Individuals charged with possession with intent to sell or sale face harsher penalties than those charged with simple possession. See the above listed penalties as they are the same as in sale cases.

To speak with a skilled Miami or South Florida criminal lawyer at DMT about your cocaine sale marijuana sale or other type of drug sale case, or if you have questions regarding any other drugs you may have been arrested for, please contact DMT to schedule your free consultation. You can call our office at (305) 340-2197 or reach us by completing the form on our contact page or by sending an e-mail. We are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day.