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Criminal Defense: Defenses for Criminal Charges

Miami & South Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys

The first step in defending a criminal charge is deciding which Miami criminal defense lawyer or law firm will defend the case. To be convicted of a criminal offense a prosecutor has to be able to prove the case beyond and the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. The Miami criminal lawyers at Donet, McMillan, & Trontz, P.A. (DMT) use their 60 years of combined experience to create that doubt in the minds of prosecutors often forcing them to offer reasonable pleas, agree to charge reductions and more often than not, actually dismiss a case.

If a prosecutor cannot be convinced that reasonable doubt exists, our trial lawyers have achieved extraordinary success in creating reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors that have presided over our cases. Our lawyers have appeared in no less than 250 jury trials and have achieved outstanding results. Donet, McMillan, & Trontz, P.A. firmly believes that anyone arrested or facing criminal prosecution is entitled to the best defense available. As soon as the client walks out the door, the defense team at DMT is already contemplating the possible defenses to the criminal allegations.

By establishing a defense during the early stages of a case, DMT can plan a course of action best suited to beating a case in court. Establishing a detailed course of action in defending a criminal case has enabled DMT to obtain outstanding results for their clients both in state and federal court. While the lawyers at DMT excel in trial, a creative and well-planned defense must be laid out months prior to the beginning of jury selection. All angles of a case must reviewed again and again to ensure that best defense is set forth in defending the charges.

Why You Need DMT on Your Side

The criminal lawyers at DMT use their 60 years of combined experience setting up the defense of a case. Many defenses exist, but evidence must be compiled early on in the case to support a particular defense. Defense witnesses, including expert witnesses, must be interviewed early in the case, in an effort to have a complete understanding as to what positive information each individual brings to a particular case. Physical evidence such a video surveillance and telephone records must be subpoenaed as soon as possible to ensure the evidence is not destroyed.

It is imperative in drug trafficking cases to have the evidence re-weighed by an expert witness to determine if the weight of the cocaine, marijuana or ecstasy meets the standards under the current drug trafficking laws. Every good defense must be detailed oriented for it to be successful. It is imperative that witnesses and evidence be located immediately after the arrest as over time both witnesses and evidence may longer be available to assist our clients in the defense of their case.


There are numerous defenses that can be used to win a case, either by dismissal by the prosecution or an acquittal at trial. Self-defense and defense of others coupled with the new "stand your ground law", entrapment, duress, alibi or a lack of knowledge in a constructive possession cases have been utilized by DMT and have provided excellent results for clients and will continue to do so in future. The use of proven, as well as, novel defenses has served our clients well from the inception of the firm.

To speak with a skilled and experienced defense counsel at DMT regarding a defense or possible defense to your case, please contact our office at (305) 340-2197 or contact us online.