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Information for First Time Offenders

Many individuals with first-time charges are under the impression that the justice system will give them grace because it is the first mark on their record. Miami courts, however, do not have leniency on those who are experiencing their first run-in with the law.

The Miami criminal lawyers understand that you are unaccustomed to the procedures involved in a criminal arrest. We are here to not only guide you through the process, but to aggressively pursue the reduction or dismissal of the charges against you. By sitting down with an experienced attorney from the firm, you can sleep much better knowing that our firm is thoroughly involved in every aspect of your case.

When a person is arrested, and they sit down with an experienced attorney at DMT, they sleep better at night knowing that our firm is handling their case.
DEFENSE METHODS FOR FIRST TIME OFFENSES The Miami criminal lawyers at DMT have handled countless cases for individuals charged for the first time. We know that as a first-time offender, your lack of a criminal record can actually work to your advantage. As we build a defense on your behalf, we can use your history of innocence as a tool against prosecution. Because you are a first time offender, the criminal defense team at DMT also has flexibility in how we can defend your case.
EARLY INTERVENTION IS KEY If we handle your case, we will use your first-time offender status to build a strong case and fight for a reduction or is essential to take immediate action and get the defense offered by DMT as early on in the case as possible.

Keep in mind that prosecution has already begun building a case against you. With early intervention, we can begin developing strong defense strategies to effectively present evidence on your behalf. Pre-trial Intervention/Diversion Pre-trial intervention and diversion programs are run by the local state attorney's office. DMT has a history of success in getting our clients enrolled in the pre-trial intervention or pre-trial diversion program. The programs vary from county to county. They are only available to first time offenders.

Keep in mind, the programs are usually only offered simple non-violent felony cases as well as misdemeanor cases. A person offered pre-trial intervention/diversion merely has to enroll in the program and complete certain conditions that depend on the particular offense.

When you successfully complete the program, the State of Florida will nolle pros (dismiss) all the charges against you. DMT can help you pursue an expungement of your record, which makes it appear as if you were not arrested to many sources.
Plea Bargaining Your clean record will serve you well when a DMT defense attorney negotiates on your behalf. It is imperative to receive a withhold of adjudication for two reasons. The first prevents you from being a convicted felon and losing the majority of your civil liberties, such as being able to own a firearm. A withhold also entitles you to seal your record after your case is closed.

This prevents employers and friends from discovering your situation. At the onset of the case, our lawyers engage in the discovery process by reviewing documents, performing background checks and deposing witnesses and victims. After the criminal attorneys at DMT have punched so many holes in the your case, the prosecution will many times have no choice but to dismiss (nolle pros) the charges. Generally, the worst case scenario results in a short term of probation with minimal conditions. Trial by Jury or Judge When a client does not want to accept the plea offer and DMT could not convince the prosecution to drop the charges, we are the trial attorneys you need to defend your case. As a collective, the legal team at DMT has tried in excess of 500 cases to verdict with a 90% acquittal rate. Our finest criminal trial lawyers will be with you every step of the way. Our proficiency in trial work has gained our reputation as one of the finest criminal defense trial firms in the South Florida area.

For a free consultation with a Miami criminal lawyer at DMT, or if you have questions regarding your first and last case that need to be answered, please contact DMT as soon as possible after your arrest. You can call our office at 305-340-2197 or contact us online.