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Criminal Defense: Fraud and Theft Crimes


Our fraud defense lawyers at Donet, McMillan, & Trontz, P.A. excel in representing clients in a wide variety of fraud cases as well as theft crimes. In Florida, and especially in Miami-Dade County, all types of fraud and theft cases have become prevalent and the number of cases have been escalating year after year.

As these offenses have skyrocketed in Miami and South Florida, law enforcement and prosecutors at the state and federal level have created specialized units or task forces to handle these type of fraud crimes. The Florida state legislature has enacted new laws and created stiffer penalties for those who commit fraud and in the State of Florida. The Miami fraud lawyers at our firm have vast experience in defending clients accused of a variety of fraud cases including: Overview of Fraud & Theft Crime Laws Fraud and theft are very general offenses that generally relate to crimes of dishonesty. There are dozens of specific crimes charged both in federal and state court that relate to crimes associated with theft and fraud. Offenses that fall under the umbrella of theft and fraud can relate to the most simple of cases like petit theft which is nothing more than shoplifting. At the other end of the spectrum would be a Medicare fraud scheme that bilked the federal government out of millions of dollars. In either situation, both simple and complex cases can have far-reaching ramifications and consequences. The criminal defense attorneys at Donet, McMillan, & Trontz, P.A. treat each client's case equally, regardless of the complexity of the case.

Miami and South Florida fraud cases are highly complex. Our lawyers excel in defending the aforementioned types of fraud cases. These cases require special attention, because hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of documents the state or the government intends to use to prosecute your case, must be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed to set your defense in motion. Defenses for Charges of Fraud All individuals being investigated or prosecuted by law enforcement for fraud must understand that there are several defenses to these types of cases. Our criminal defense team is able to perform a critical analysis of the evidence against our client and show that he or she did not have knowledge or the requisite intent to be involved or criminally liable in the alleged scheme to defraud. Although all of these crimes have a fraudulent component, that does not necessarily mean that everyone involved was aware of the fraud. The Donet, McMillan, & Trontz, P.A. has represented numerous clients involved in theft and fraud cases; however, were they were later to be proven innocent participants. SPEAK WITH A MIAMI CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY If you are under investigation for, or have been arrested and charged with insurance, credit card, mortgage/real estate fraud or Medicare/Medicaid fraud, contact the Miami fraud lawyers at Donet, McMillan, & Trontz, P.A.. An experienced criminal defense attorney is available every day of the year, 24 hours a day to speak with you regarding your situation. Allow us the opportunity to help protect your rights and defend your case and you will not be disappointed. To speak with a skilled Miami or South Florida criminal fraud defense lawyer, or if you have any questions regarding your case, please call our office at (305) 340-2197 or contact us online.